(1947 – 2014)

Shihan Alain Breugelmans

The founder of our brand, sadly passed away in 2014, will always keep a place in our company. Shihan Alain Breugelmans has been at the drawing board of our collection and to this day we take his vision with us in existing and new products.

1980: Shodan (IKO)
1983: Nidan (IKO)
1990: Sandan (WOK)
1994: Yondan (WOK)
2000: Godan (IBK)
2001: Rokudan (IBK)
2004: Rokudan (IKO Tezuka Group)
2007: Nanadan (IKO Tezuka Group)
2010: Hachidan (IKO Tezuka Group)
2014: Kyudan (IKO Tezuka Group) posthumously